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2021 ACL Festival Commemorative Poster

2021 ACL Festival Commemorative Poster

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We are honored to have Austin’s Fort Lonesome as our 2021 poster artists. Best known for their textile work, Fort Lonesome's founder Kathie Sever poured her love of Western iconography and skill with chain-stitch embroidery into this year’s design. The artwork was inspired by the sunset views that grace ACL Festival and the critters who call the Zilker Park area their home. See below for more details:

  • Offset-printed with four-color process ink on heavyweight, uncoated paper
  • Includes complete band lineup
  • 18” x 24”

 IMPORTANT INFORMATION:                         

  • All posters will begin shipping the week of Sept. 27th. You will receive an email with shipping information at that time.
  • The accompanying image does not include the band lineup on the Commemorative Edition. The image will be updated at a later date.

About the Artist

Fort Lonesome is a collection of individual artists all called to utilize the lost art of chain stitch embroidery as a primary mechanism for exploring art, design, and custom garments. The Fort has been fortunate enough to clothe a spectrum of folks - from those who take to the stage (Bill Murray, Lil Naz X, Jenny Lewis) to those who take to the streets - wearing their story and their message *literally* on their sleeves.
Fort Lonesome hand-cranks and cracks jokes in Austin, TX.

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